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Please see below the criteria for buyers and investors and contact us
to find out current availability.

The rarity of the product – The Beacon – and the uniqueness strictly limits the availability. The Beacon is providing world-class amenities and services that create a community and lifestyle not currently in existence elsewhere in the property market.  The Beacon also, answers questions to end an energy poverty, is key to a sustainable future living and ultimately saves lives thought its emission free standards.

Every resident in The Beacon is a superhero.

Limited Availability

A limited number of apartments are currently on sale, released only upon a request.

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Qualify for sale

There is a pre-qualification process in place which every buyer or investor has to absolve. A questionnaire has to be filled in. This is followed by an interview, where we present The Beacon and the interested buyer/investor is accessed on the understanding of ethos and values of The Beacon.


Do you qualify?

It is in our interest, as a developer, to have only chosen residents living in The Beacon. The ones who understand the impact of the project and the change it evokes. Also, who share the same ethos and values to create a close community that positively effects the environment.

You are saving lives by choosing to live in The Beacon!

A beacon for you?

You are about to make the best decision of your life. To live in harmony with a sustainable ethos and to provide hope to your children and next generations where the future is bright, where the future is green.

If this is you contact us now.