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“A unique world-class project, currently in a development stage, that protects future generations”"

Vision, Mission & Ethics

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Vision for a sustainable future

As green as it gets...

On a mission to make a difference...

The Beacon represents a solution to international agendas that extend far beyond the UK housing and construction sector to address global health, economics and energy poverty concerns. Such agendas have become a global issue which impacts upon every man, woman and child on the planet. Our vision is to deliver on these issues and evoke a change throughout the globe.

The Beacon represents a new model for a green and sustainable developments. It uses unique, modern and highly sustainable combinations of technologies to achieve energy efficiency and prevent energy losses. The Beacon will be assessed under the Home Quality Mark (HQM). The development will showcase exceptional design which will be achieved with careful planning and consideration.

Our mission is to deliver zero emission residential and mixed use developments across the UK. Leading a new market sector for sustainable luxury developments, Lumiere Developments has a pipeline of sites planning to replicate the blue print of The Beacon.

Our hope is that many other UK and overseas developers will, in turn, replicate our model. This will create a ripple effect meaning that more green buildings are developed with significant reductions in air pollution – so that by default, we are helping to save lives.

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Imagine a world where energy is a right not a privilege.

The Sustainable Future Starts HERE

An End to Energy poverty starts at The Beacon

World’s highest density solar farm (PV generation per acre)

The Beacon is the World’s first emission/pollution free building. No pollution and by consequence no energy bills for life for its residents.
No. It uses a unique patent EnGen building design which uses the sun’s energy to provide the heating and electricity for the building, without any pollution.

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There are choices. Choices which will protect the people we love.
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The Beacon of Hope


The World Health Organisation [WHO]refers to Pollution as the No. 1 Risk to Human Health. Pollution indoors and outdoors is responsible for an estimated 7 Million Premature Deaths Worldwide each year from which 40% is directly related to buildings.

The Beacon technology has the ability to stop the deaths re-occurring. With the use of many zero emission technologies, The Beacon creates heat and power to reduce and eliminate emissions and save lives.

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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein
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Enjoy Luxury comparable to the Worlds Best

Offered in The Beacon right now (Q4-2018)

Imagine being part of
the World's Best!

The Beacon is offering a luxury scene that is experienced only in the most iconic buildings in the world. Exclusive facilities and high technologies like; Automated car parking system, 24 hour Concierge, Climate Controlled Apartments, Sky Garden, Cinema Room, Gym, Coffee shop/Wine bar, High Ceilings and Door, Sun pipe lighting, Internal Arboretum,  – and the list goes on,  all of this combined gives the residents an enduring feel of luxury and satisfaction rarely seen.

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Imagine, NO MORE direct debits on energy bills.
Imagine, NO MORE searching websites for the best deals.
Imagine, the extra time and lack of worry.

FREE Green Energy for Life

Offered nowhere but in THE BEACON


The combination of smart green technologies in The Beacon allows us as developers to offer a unique proposition never been done before.

FREE ENERGY FOR LIFE for all The Beacon residents. No energy bills, now you do the calculations:

Zero energy bills – the average new home has an annual energy bill of £800 -£1000. Over a 25 year mortgage and allowing for inflation, this is worth well over £35,000.

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We can produce energy in ways which do not produce pollution.
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The World is already noticing

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