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The Telegraph – Britains must ‘eco-friendly’ residential skyscrape

Go green: The new future of skyscrapers

Introducing Britain’s most eco-friendly residential skyscraper.

The high rise is going green. It seems hard to believe that a tall, hulking block made from huge amounts of material and consuming huge amount of energy could ever be anything other than bad for our fragile environment. Yet conventional wisdom is being challenged by architects and scientists who are attempting to foster a new breed of eco-towers.
In England,the team behind The Beacon in Hemel Hempstead are trying to go one better – and they reckon they’ve got the recipe for the greenest tall residential building ever seen in Britain. “It should generate as much energy as it needs for its consumption – so its essentially becomes self- sustaining”, explains Ambi Singh, commercial director at Lumiere Developments.


The Telegraph online 15.10.16

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The Telegraph – Go green: The new future of skyscrapers

The Beacon Amenities previews give an insight into the indoor communal spaces available to be fully enjoyed by The Beacon residents.

The Telegraph 15.10.16