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Smart technology

The Beacon utilises a unique combination of smart technologies. Many are commonly accessible in development industry, however smartly supported by technology used exclusively in The Beacon only.  

This fine blend of mechanics and scientific solutions provide a spectacular world class icon – THE BEACON


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“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.”
Louis Pasteur

BMS - Technology

The Building Management System within The Beacon is an automated control system that continuously monitors and analyses all the buildings mechanical and electrical equipment. This ensures that the building is operating efficiently at all times. It constantly regulates the consumption requirements against the onsite generation, ensuring that enough energy is available to meet the demand of the residents.


Climate Controlled Apartments

This is a pure rarity, used only in the most luxurious apartment residences in London. It is a massive luxury item and the price of these developments average at £800,000 compared to the Beacon at £420,000.

Imagine, a really, really hot day, climate change happening and the world heating up but you are in a 16 degree cool environment, cool as a cucumber.
The ceiling based heating and cooling system means The Beacon residents can have any flooring they choose from wood/carpet to tiles and this does not affect the performance of the heating or cooling, which is the case in most underfloor heating solutions.

Each apartment has zonal controls, which means each room can have a different temperature.

Fire & Health Safety

Did you know the Beacon has a fire MIST sprinkler system standard in each flat? This means in the case of a fire, the fire mist sprinkler puts out a fine water mist. This mist causes soot particles to aggregate. The mist suppresses the fire faster as it increases the humidity in the room faster than a traditional sprinkler and it causes less damage to possessions.

It is one of the first developments in the UK to employ this system which offers much better fire protection for loved ones.

Did you know that The Beacon has wired carbon monoxide and smoke alarms as standard which means no changing batteries and peace of mind that no one will come to harm in The Beacon due to fire or carbon monoxide.
Did you know that The Beacon has no gas supply in it. This means the worry of leaving the gas on and causing a fire or suffocating of gas is non-existent.