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Impact of Buildings on Health & Pollution

Every year 7 million people die prematurely through emissions. 7 million men, women and children dying because of fossil fuel emissions. Imagine being in the only building in the world that has zero carbon fuel emissions and the pollution this causes.  

Imagine that you are part of a revolution, leading the way by showing the world how you can enjoy unrivaled luxury but also help create a better world. Imagine being a life saver! A true hero. Imagine being a hero by simply living in The Beacon.


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40,000 UK people die prematurely
due to emissions from burning carbon fuel

The building industry is responsible for over
40% of the worldwide pollution.


Consequences are closer than they appear...

7 Million

Men, Women, Children die every year prematurely. Avoidable deaths, deaths that are directly caused by from multiple sources. This is the equivalent of 110 deaths per day. If 110 people were to die in a tragic accident it would be world news worthy. Major investigations would take place to stop it repeating again…yet this is sadly what we are allowing to happen every day. As it is not as obvious we ignore it and put it down to ‘natural causes’, but these are ‘avoidable deaths’. So why don’t we do more to stop them happening?

If the technology or ability was not there to stop the deaths occurring, there would be some mitigation. However, given that the world is blessed with many zero emission technologies, to create heat and power, it is extremely negligent that we are not doing much much more to implement them everywhere to reduce and eliminate emissions.

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”
Edmund Burke

1 in 2 will have cancer by 2020.

IN 1975 THIS WAS 1 IN 4.

We are a generation breathing in fossil fuel emissions which kill.That’s a FACT! Recent increases in cancer, lung and heart diseases are largely a reflection of a wrong decision made in the past. Now we have an opportunity to change this as solutions are available right now. Sustainable buildings which produce zero emissions are reality.

“The future will either be green or not at all.”
Bob Brown

Protect our environment!

Trees and plants are the lungs of the earth. We continue to destroy the lungs of the Earth in the
name of development. Deliberately harming the earth and future generations by taking land and habitat. How does that make sense? Will we make more effective use of previously developed land, build higher rise buildings in the UK towns?