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A Beacon of Sustainability

Lumiere Developments are changing the face of sustainable
house-building globally.
The Beacon will showcase a combination
of green features not present in any other residential development
in the world making it the first of its kind.

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Solar PV Instalation

The World’s highest density solar farm. 860kW of PV panels cleverly embedded into the building to reduce cost and produce 650MWH per annum of renewable, emission free electricity.

Solar PV panels are elegantly incorporated into the external architecture of the building, harnessing the sun’s energy without generating any waste products to pollute the environment. External energy modelling of The Beacon has shown the vast majority of the electricity requirement for the building and its residents will be generated onsite by the vertical solar farm.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Additional warmth is provided through ground
source heat pumps which absorb underground heat
to provide heating and hot water throughout the
building. The GSHP system is intelligently built
around the piling and foundations of the building
negating the need for any additional digging.

NO risk of theft.
NO more scratches and dents.
NO more wing mirrors broken.

Underground Car Parking

Fully Automated Car Parking System, seen only in the most exclusive developments such as The Shard.
The Beacon boasts, residents with cars will have access to the UK’s largest automated underground car parking system, providing 319 secure spaces, operated and managed by Swiss-founded Skyline Parking. Reducing CO2 emissions by 80% compared to a standard car park, the automated system uses mechanical technology to securely manoeuvre vehicles to parking spaces. It cuts the average parking time by 50% and reducing car insurance by up to 20%.
The cutting edge technology ensures that emissions are minimised and that safety and security is not compromised.

Transport Car & Bike Schemes

Electric bikes reduce the strain of cycling, offering exercise not exertion, the joy of fresh air and the ability for short journeys to be made without a car, saving money in the process.

An electric pay-as-you-go car scheme and electric bicycles for those short hops to the town centre and transport hubs are provided exclusively for residents.
The electric car-share scheme is to be provided by TESLA.

Rainwater & Greywater Harvesting System

In The Beacon potable and non potable water consumption is significantly reduced by use of a grey water system that collects rainwater both at the communal roof terrace level as well as at each balcony/solar ledge level for recycling as grey water, for flushing toilets and for laundry use.

Air Source Heat Pump,
Sun Light Tracking System and more...

The system provides a unique solution to cool the building and its interior arboretum during a hot summer day. Also, in the winter it serves as a supportive heating system. The ambient internal temperature of The Beacon is 22 degrees Celsius.

Sun light tracking equipment follows, like a sunflower, sun during the day. Fibre optic cables carrying the precious sunlight into and through the property and distributes the light in all rooms. Deep in the real estate and away from windows sunlight can be seen … 30 floors down.

The above are only few of the mind-blowing features that make up a part of the unique development The Beacon. To find out more please CONTACT US NOW!