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The Beacon

Imagine no more energy bills. Imagine the freedom from worry of car ownership. No more insurance quotes, MOT’s and maintenance to worry about.

Imagine sitting atop a rooftop garden. The world looks different, serene. The air is enlivening. Imagine a starry night and imagine looking through a telescope up at the sky and the universe above. Imagine the sense of escapism and serenity this could bring.

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Imagine ending climate change by simply living in building like The Beacon.


Living at The Beacon offers an entirely new lifestyle concept. Unique and innovative apartments redefine modern living by combining luxury and style with cutting edge sustainability to minimise environmental impact.

At the very forefront of a new era in sustainable, luxury developments, a new home at The Beacon makes a bold statement, setting the standard for others to follow.

"Zero Emission buildings save lives and save money for residents"


The 17-storey World Class tower will generate sufficient heat and power from on-site renewable energy to power the vast majority of the building’s requirements.

Coupled with The Beacon’s energy conservation technologies makes the building truly World beating in its overall energy efficiency.

Build with ethos, passion and values!


Providing world-class amenities and services that create a community and lifestyle not currently in existence elsewhere in the local property market.